Unit Flexo Printing Machine

The Unit Type Flexo Printing Machine usually use to printing logo, stickers logo, computer form, bill, aluminium foil, milk kraft paper, battery film, carton paper and so on. This machine is a flexo printing machine which adopts flexible photosensitive resin plates, rubber plates as the base material,anilox rollers for transferring ink,liquid ink for printing. It is controlled centrally by PLC system section and control section. It is an ideal machine for printing paper cup, carton, paper bag, paper package. Besides, it also can printing film (Except for PE material). If you want to expand your business, please contact with us.
>  High-efficiency: Realizing dust removal, printing, varnishing in a single pass, producing high efficiency compared with single-sheet printing.
>  Eco-friendly printing: Using water-based ink or UV ink for printing is eco-friendly. Printing inks are UV ink, water-based ink and solvent ink.
>  Stable ink coloring: Ceramic anilox roller guarantees no color difference with even ink transfer.
>  Stable tension: Use of PLC automatic tension control system guarantees stable printing tension and accurate registering.
>  Non-stop web unwinding and rewinding (optional function): Printing materials can be changed during high-speed printing without power off, which improves production efficiency and reduces product costs.

>  Other optional parts: Hot Air Dryer, UV Dryer, Cold Foil (Movable), Turn Bar (Movable).

Max. Printing Speed 200 m/min 152 m/min (500 fpm)
Max. Printing Width 320 mm 1000 mm
Max. Paper Width 330 mm 1015 mm
Max Unwinding Dia. 1050 mm 1524 mm
Max Rewinding Dia. 900 mm 1524 mm
Repeat Length 254-609.6 mm 279.4-660 mm
Power Requirement 380VAC, 3PH, 50HZ 380VAC, 3PH, 50HZ
Substrate 40-200 gsm paper, plastic film etc.