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2020 South China International Label Printing Exhibition


On the morning of December 8, 2020, Labelexpo South China 2020, sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association and sponsored by tasus group, has been preparing for more than one year, and finally, with the support of all parties, it finally opens a three-day exhibition in Shenzhen International Exhibition Center (New Museum)!
With an exhibition area of nearly 15000 square meters, more than 130+ best exhibitors made a wonderful appearance. In 2020, it was the first grand gathering of label and packaging professionals. Friends and friends gathered, laughed and lively. The story starts here:
1. 8:00 exhibitors enter the exhibition in an orderly manner
Each booth was tested for the final adjustment machine, each of them in a full-bodied, ready to go, and waited in a high attitude for the first batch of audience to come. Under the guidance of security personnel, we lined up in order for security inspection and infrared temperature measurement. The organizer let the peace of mind settle in every detail, and only deliver a safe and effective Labelexpo to exhibitors and audiences.
2. 9:30 the audience began to enter
The 2020 South China International label printing exhibition officially opened. The reception work is orderly, busy and not disorderly.
3. 9:45 the buyer group of association and printing enterprises arrived at the exhibition hall
Buses arrived one by one. Since the preparation of South China International label printing exhibition 2020, it has been strongly supported by the label and packaging printing industry association of all parties. There will be more than 20 visiting groups organizing more than 1000 professional visitors to the exhibition. The exhibition will be a bright scenery on Labelexpo.
4. 10:00 technical seminar on shrinkage sleeve marking
10: 00The "shrink sleeve technology seminar" brought by the label Institute is being launched in hall a, hall 1, floor 2, pavilion. The event was honored to invite five major players from HP China, hybrid software, koppee, Fulin China and lingyunguang to jointly disclose all aspects of the world's third-largest labeling technology, shrinkage sleeve.
The event was presided over by GE Jinghuan, an associate professor of Shanghai Publishing and printing college. At the beginning, Mr. Wang Shangqing, customer manager of HP China, introduced the main market groups, market scale and future development trend of the contract set; then Xu Jianguo, sales director of koppee (Suzhou) special materials Co., Ltd. Asia, took you to know the base material of shrinkage sleeve Types, performance requirements and precautions for use. Mr. Wang Cheng, sales service manager of Greater China, hybrid software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. demonstrated software operation from the aspects of label deformation design, deformation design of shrink film and 3D screen display. Finally, Mr. Jiang Wei, application manager of narrow width and packaging products of fulint (China) and lingyunguang Technology Co., Ltd Mr. yudawei, the quality manager, respectively taught you the printing ink technology suitable for the marking and how to ensure the best printing effect of the set mark through the automatic testing scheme. The scene is full of dry goods, and the interaction climax is rising.
5. 10:00 exhibition site
The laughter in the pavilion is endless, and the roar of machine and equipment start-up operation is more exciting. Many exhibitors, with the first new products, have been shown in digital printing or printing processing fields, which have given many surprises to the audience.
6. 11:00 "printing industry 4.0 zone"
The first demonstration of "printing industry 4.0 zone" was in the hot and hot process of A36 stand. As the theme exhibition area specially planned for the multi-purpose intelligent manufacturing and innovation technology development, we specially invite to Unilever technology and hybrid Software, lingyunguang and Liduan and other well-known industry suppliers have established a 234 square meter "printing intelligent factory". The factory will take smartfab intelligent printing package factory management system as the command center, from evaluation, order receiving, proofing, printing, testing, post-processing to finished product warehousing, and comprehensively demonstrate "the full automation production process of a label".
The unique and creative exhibition space design and super in, super beautiful and super imaginative exhibition content attracted a batch of audience. There were also exquisite samples of wish signing and red envelopes.
7. 13:30 "co talk label and sustainable development of soft package industry"
The seminar on "sustainable development of the co talk label and soft package industry" co sponsored by the Information Commission of Guangdong Packaging Association, packaging frontier magazine and exhibition organizer, CO sponsored by HP Co., Ltd. was held in conference room a, hall 1, the 2nd floor of the exhibition hall. The event was themed by green development, intelligence, automation, digitization and innovation technology of label and soft packaging industry Relevant equipment, material suppliers and brand manufacturers have conducted technical exchanges to help label and soft packaging enterprises to understand the sustainable development trend and trend of the label and packaging industry in the future.
8. 15:30 UPM "innovation machine, win the future" seminar
UPM "innovation machine, win the future" seminar was held in conference room B, hall 1, floor 2 of the pavilion, focusing on the new trends and new progress of label and packaging industry in the world and domestic, and discussed with the industry new options for innovative environmental protection of labels and packaging.
17: 30The first day of 2020 South China International label printing exhibition has a successful ending in busy painting. Tomorrow is a wonderful future. We sincerely look forward to your presence.
Tomorrow morning at 9:30, the master class of digital label and packaging printing from the label academy will be held in hall 1 conference room A. authoritative experts from the relevant fields of digital printing will teach together to create shortcuts for you to go into the digital field, and provide guidance on how to make a planned and targeted digital investment, so as to bring a successful and profitable future. Registration is not late. Please stamp the picture below to sign up:
In addition, the printing industry 4.0 zone will continue to be open to the audience, with the performance on time at stand A36 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

2020 South China International Label Printing Exhibition

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