Slitting Turret Rewinding Machine

DBFQ-320B slitting machine is an updated model of DBFQ-A, which remains the function of DBFQ-320A slitting machine, and adopt turret rewinding style at up rewinder, and keep easily exchange mode between different diameter size of airshafts. The increase of the preparatory airshaft improves the working efficiency of the slitting machine and is suitable for cutting paper of different core sizes.The structure of the complete machine is compact, with high speed, high efficiency, easy and steady operation.
Main Features
>  Turret rewinder makes rewinding more efficiency
>  The air shaft adopts flange structure, which is more convenient to replace air shaft of different sizes
>  We keeps a hole on the top of the air shaft, can be fixed by the cylinder when do rewinding job, makes the air shaft running without shake, so that we can rewind the material more stable and smoothly
>  Additional press rubber roller to press material, which fixing the material when changing rollers and making the exchange of roller easier

>  The drive system uses belt instead of chain

Max. Slitting Speed 140 m/min 140 m/min
Max. Web Width 320 mm 450 mm
Max. Slitting Width 310 mm 440 mm
Min. Slitting Width 20 mm 20 mm
Max. Unwinding Dia. 700 mm 700 mm
Max. Up Rewinding Dia. 220 mm 220 mm
Max. Down Rewinding Dia. 500 mm 500 mm
Precision of Slitting ±0.10 mm ±0.10 mm
Standard Blades 8 sets circular knives 8 sets circular knives
Power of the Machine 3.0 kW 4.0 kW
Voltage 220 V 220 V