Slitting Rewinding Machine

DBFQ-320A slitting machine is DABA's basic slitting machine. In addition to the most basic slitting function, there are the following features:
>  Main motor is controlled by stepless frequency conversion timing
>  Automatic meter counter, when reaching the preset meter, warningand stop automaticly
>  EPC adopts double photoelectric sensor
>  Rewinding and unwinding adopts air shaft, easy loading and unloading

>  High speed, high precision, running stablely

Slitting Speed 140 m/min 140 m/min
Max. Web Width 320 mm 450 mm
Max. Slitting Width 310 mm 440 mm
Min. Slitting Width 20 mm 20 mm
Slitting Knife (Up/Down) each 8 pcs/set each 8 pcs/set
Max. Unwinding Diameter 700 mm 700 mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter 600 mm 600 mm
Slitting Precision ±0.10 mm ±0.10 mm
Weight 500 kg 800 kg
Dimension (L * W * H ) 1300*900*1500 mm 1300*1100*1500 mm