High Speed Slitting Rewinding Machine

DBFQ-370C Slitting machine is a new design machine of DABA. It's mainly used for narrow web labels slitting. Suitable for adhesive paper, thermal paper, aluminum foil, film and other materials. Compared with ordinary models DBFQ-A and DBFQ-B, it has been redesigned in appearance, looks modern and beautiful, and provides faster speed and improved efficiency while maintaining stable operation. Its features are as follows
>  Receive signal from feeding unit or send out signal to inspection unit, Inline with printing machines
>  Unwinder: With Separately servo motor, tapper tension control, lack of material stopping machine
>  Web guide: International brand web guide system, High precision
>  Plate: Support pre-installed inject printing system
>  Slitting: Convenient Slitting unit. Easy for installation and changing the cutter, Suction for trim is with machine

>  Rewinding: Tapper tension control system ,Turret rewinding unit. It's convenient for change rolls and save time

Slitting Speed 200 m/min 200 m/min
Max. Web 370 mm 450 mm
Max. Slitting Width 360 mm 440 mm
Min. Slitting Width 20 mm 20 mm
Cutter Circular/Razor Circular/Razor
Slitting Knife (Up/Down) each 6 pcs/set each 6 pcs/set
Max. Unwinding Dia. 700 mm 700 mm
Max. Up Rewinding Dia. 200 mm 200 mm
Max. Down Rewinding Dia. 600 mm 600 mm
Weight 750 kg 850 kg
Dimension (L * W * H ) 1700*1200*1300 mm 1700*1280*1300 mm