High Speed Full Servo Motor Slitting Rewinding Machine

By listening to the feedback of our customers about achieving extreme efficiency, we have developed DBFQ-370D based on DBFQ-370C, which upgraded all motors to servo motors, increased the slitting speed to 350 m/min. We believe that it will be the best choice of you who are aiming at efficiency.
1. Adopting full servo motor driven system, taper tension control system;
2. Support both forward and reverse direction running
3. Be fully automatic on web guide job, slitting width adjustment job and turret rewinding job;
4. Waste discharged by suction system;
5. Easy to exchange the up rewinder airshaft with different size by screws
6. Up rewinding adopting self-turret type to improve the working precision;
7. International brand of counting by meters or pieces

1. Inspectional System; 2. Inject Printer Plate; 3. Rotary Die Cutting Station; 4. Razor Blades; 5. CCD Web Guide System

Slitting Speed 350 m/min 350 m/min
Max. Web 370 mm 450 mm
Max. Slitting Width 360 mm 440 mm
Min. Slitting Width 20 mm 20 mm
Cutter Circular/Razor Circular/Razor
Slitting Knife (Up/Down) each 6 pcs/set each 6 pcs/set
Max. Unwinding Dia. 800 mm 800 mm
Max. Up Rewinding Dia. 450 mm 450 mm
Max. Down Rewinding Dia. 700 mm 700 mm
Weight 1300 kg 1500 kg
Dimension (L * W * H ) 2200*1350*1350 mm 2200*1500*1350 mm