DBTB-800/1600 Bopp Tape Coating Machine

DBTB-800/1600 Bopp Tape Coating Machine

AC high precision frequency stepless speed regulation, pre-traction, coating, laminating traction, rewinding, ect, all are synchronously controlled.

PLC control with man-machine interface can achieve many advantages such as precisenesss, sensitivity, easy-operation, anti-jamming

Tensionhigh-precisionmulti-stageautomaticclosed-loopcontrol to achievereal-time dynamicsynchronousmachineautomation controltension

Descendingwindingautomatictaper tensioncontrol(to maintainconstant tension)function,effectively avoidcrushingthe finishedcoils,bruised,strained, to ensureorderlywinding.

Coating methodaccording to the actualprocess requirements,coating methodcoulduse a variety ofGravure coating ,measurementcomma rollcoating,Mayer bar coating, air knifecoating, three rollers coatingetc.

Energy-savingdrying system,dryingunit issegmentedindependentthermostaticdrying system,eachzone automatictemperature control, adjustableintake and exhaustcycle, the use ofwaste heatrecycling,environmental protection, energy efficientthan 30%.

Guide rolls in the oven using a master-slave dual slide installation, synchronization with the host drive; both sides oven door or hydraulic open type, operation and maintenance platforms and guard rails on both sides.

Automatic Metering,automatic speed, auto material brokendetection, automaticfault alarm,pneumatic componentsfrom Movethe clutch,gas concentrationsafety monitoringalarm function,safety reliefventfunction

Main Parameter

Web material

Aluminum foil, Bopp Film ,Pet Film ,Cpp Film,PVC Film,Polyester Film ,Nylon film ,laminating film, paper etc.

Web width      






Machine speed


Coating Method

Micro Gravure Coating ,Gravure Coating ,Doctor Blade Coating ,Measuring roller Coating ,Mayer bar coating ,air knife coating ,Three rollers coating. (According to products )

Coating speed

10~220m/min (According to the material)      

Oven length            


Oven temperature


Heating type       

Electric heating, Oil heating, Gas heating,Steam heating


and rewinding dia.    

φ800mm  φ1000mm     φ1200mm