Fully Automatic 4 Shafts No Stop Rewinding Machine (Glue Model)

Fully Automatic 4 Shafts No Stop Rewinding Machine (Glue Model)

DBDG 4 Spindle Turret Rewinder is designed to improve producing efficiency, saving the cost of workers, increase the efficiency of the whole process. This machine is mainly used for adhesive label production, usually work with printing machine, die cutting and slitting machines. It can accept printed labels and blank labels rewinding.

1. High work speed ( Our machine adapt to 120m )

2. Continuous Production ( Without our machine 24 hours only 13-15 hours in production; with our machine almost 24 hours in production, increase your 20%- 40% production capacity )

3. Reduced material waste (with our machine only waste a little material and you can produce more label with same material then you can get more price competition!

4. Save workers (If connected with our 4 spindle turret rewinder with slitting and die-cutting machine, only need one worker. )

5. Save Energy ( Non-Stop machine save 20% electricity )

6. Protect Environment ( We have only one earth, use our machine save energy, high efficiency, save material machine. You can earn more money and protect our earth together! )

Max rewinding diameter 350 mm
Max width 330 mm 450 mm 530 mm
Min rewinding width 40 mm
Total power 8 kw 12 kw 16 kw
Power supply 3PH+N+PE
Machine dimension 1.45*3*1.7 m 1.45*3.2*1.7 m 1.45*3.6*1.7 m
Machine weight 2.0 T 2.2 T 2.5 T
Air pressure 0.8 MPA
Max speed 1 inch rewinding shaft : 90 m/min
1.5-3 inch rewinding shaft:120 m/min