DBDG-B Type Fully Automatic 4 Spindles Glueless Non-Stop Rewinding Machine

DBDG-B Type Fully Automatic 4 Spindles Glueless Non-Stop Rewinding Machine 

Is your best choice to improve efficiency, protect the environment, and open the market. We all know that for label buyers, glueless products are more convincing than glued products. At the same time, it removes the cost of glue while protecting the environment.

Besides, we have the following features:

l  Easy-to-use - automatic set up and changeover features, mean that less training is required.

l  Versatile - runs in-line with most printing presses or converters, or off-line with a standalone unwind/slitting unit.

l  Flexible - with no glue to consider, timing issues are reduced - you can pause the machine if you need to.

l  Energy-saving - since there is no need for a glue heating module.

l  Core loading - enables cores to be positioned automatically and accurately onto the rewind shaft, supplied with a storage tower or automatic bowl feeder for small cores.

Max rewinding diameter 350mm
Max width 330mm 450mm 530mm
Min rewinding width 40mm
Total power 8kw 14kw 16kw
Power supply 3PH+N+PE
Machine dimension 1.45X3X1.7m 1.45X3.4X1.7m 1.45X3.6X1.7m
Machine weight 2.0T 2.5T 2.7T
Air pressure 0.8MPA
Max speed 1 inch rewinding shaft : 90m/min
1.5-3 inch rewinding shaft:120m/min