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With the development of society and people's pursuit of product diversification, more and more products need to be labeled and customized.


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Color DLP VP320C Digital Label Pinter

Color DLP VP320C Digital Label PinterColor DLP VP320C Digital Label Pinter

With the development of society and people's pursuit of product diversification, more and more products need to be labeled and customized. Label printing company and some enterprises need digital label printers to save printing costs and time costs. Lack of labor force, the operators who are professional for traditional printing machine are becoming less and less, The advantage of digital products are that easy to operate and maintain gradually enter the label printing market, it will replace the traditional printing press step by step. DaBa Label Printer meets the different needs of various customers with suitable printing costs and lower product prices. 


Color DLP VP320C


 In order to get a high quality printing, Daba researched and developed typical and easy a printer software for VP320C. This software has friendly interface, and easy to understand. Automatically edit jobs together, integrated with programmatic printing. PhaserMatch 5 color management system was nested to printing software. You can get best image label and finish the jobs easily.


It running must be with connecting machine

Easy user operation interface and media management system 

Rotate, zoom, minor and nest your labels and jobs freely 

Calculate the toner using volume, label cost and job cost 

Color management with RIP

Second track printing

Cycling printing for many pages in job


Color DLP VP320C Digital Label Pinter

 The Color DLP VP320C digital label priting machine overturns digital label printing line. She has best advanced LED production printing engine. Vorey have paid efforts integrate with much year experience. We get high efficiency and low cost printing machine. Most of printing company and print shop can have it and create a wonderful wealth. 

• LED low temperature image technology 
• CMYK 4 colors
• Printing resolution 1200*2400 dpi
• Print speed 7.26m per minute
• Print width 304mm


Color DLP VP320C Digital Label Pinter

• For tension adjustment of all media
• Auto calculate the length of feeding
• Ultrasonic detect edge of media to avoid media loading twisty
• Avoid printing image to stretched and twisted
• Increase the lifespam of engine



Print speed:

Up to 7.26 meters/min (30ft/min)

Feeder system:

Max. roll media diameter

Roll media core diameter

Print technology:

4 Color (CMYK) LED technology

Max. weight roll media

Preparing time:


Auto tension adjustment system

Printer processor:

less than 28s

Connect media table

Media processing system

Data port:

(Standard)10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, USB2.0

Printing cooling system

Feeding adjustment system

(Options) internet 1000BASE-T, IEEE1284-B



Media width:



Print engine:423KGS

Print width:

Min 210mm  Max 308mm

Operating environment:


Print length:

Max 1200mm  Min 98mm

Humidity:45-55% RH


Paper: Paper, High glossy paper,Matt paper

Power supply:

110-127 VAC,50-60Hz@2800W

Film: PET, PP, PE, GHS..

220-240 VAC ,50-60Hz@2800W

All of media was tested in special environment, not tested media possible can't be used

Power consumption:

(AC220-240V) sleep 75W

Print quality:

1200*2400 dpi

waiting 100W

Toner supplies:

CMY-18500sheets (A4,5% coverage rate) K-26000sheets (A4, 5% coverage rate)

running 1100W

( Rated according to ISO/IEC 19798 guidelines)

Monthly running job:

Max.20000sqm (advice)

Drum supplies:

CMYK-100000(print runs according to the operating cycle,Medium size and the direction to change)


1 year (excluding high consumable parts)


1.Published performance results based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.
2.This product is designed and engineered to operate only with genuine iSys Label consumables and certified media substrates. Please contact iSys for the most current
Certified Media List of substrates available
3.Letter-size sheets at 5% coverage. Printer ships with a 7,500 page set of starter toners,

4. Based on 500 cut-sheet pages/job. iSys Label reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers.

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