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Discussion on the present situation and development prospect of Chinese label printing market


Low, medium and high grade labels coexist in China's label market. At present, in the field of label printing, the scale of sheet fed printing is declining, and the number of web printing is increasing. More and more high-grade materials will be used in the label. With the development of economy, China will become the largest label application market in the world. It can be said that China's self-adhesive printing has a bright future.
Local equipment manufacturers speed up the development of China's adhesive label.
Compared with developed countries, although China's label printing has made rapid progress in quality, there is a big gap in market scale, product grade, variety and specification, consumption grade and environmental protection. Flexographic printing is the main form of self-adhesive printing in developed countries in Europe and America, because it uses water-based ink to improve the operating conditions and production environment,
The labels produced are more environmentally friendly and safer. Label printing industry, like any other industry, has to adapt to its own economic level. Because flexographic printing water-based ink and plate making costs are high, and the gap between the people's environmental awareness, China has a long way to go compared with developed countries. This requires the joint efforts of the government, label users and printing equipment manufacturers.
China's label printing began in the late 1970s, when all the equipment and technology were imported from Japan.
Increase R & D efforts to recapture high-end label printing market
At present, domestic high-grade label products can basically meet the needs of domestic foreign-funded enterprises and large-scale state-owned enterprises. However, in recent years, the demand for high-grade self-adhesive label machines with automatic labeling has increased rapidly in China's label market. Some domestic major printing manufacturers have introduced advanced relief and flexographic label printing equipment to meet the market demand. However, there is a certain gap in the technology and performance of Chinese localization label printing equipment compared with foreign products, which makes some foreign professional label printing equipment manufacturers with advanced technology and equipment aim at this business opportunity, one after another to enter the Chinese market, and even invest and build factories in China. But in order to recapture the label printing market, domestic label printing equipment manufacturers are also increasing research and development efforts to high-end areas.

Discussion on the present situation and development prospect of Chinese label printing marketDiscussion on the present situation and development prospect of Chinese label printing market

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