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Development trend of global label printing market


On the afternoon of December 14, at the annual conference of label printing held in Shanghai, Tan Junqiao, honorary chairman of label branch of China Printing Industry Association, delivered a speech entitled "global label printing market development trend and China's label industry development, work summary of label printing branch in 2010 and work arrangement in 2011". The following is the authorized release, the content is excerpt, and the title is added by the editor.
In 2009, the growth of various labels in the world was about 5-5.5%
China's growth rate is 15-20%;
Eastern Europe grows by 10-20%;
Latin America grew by 8-10%;
Western Europe grew by 3-5%.
China's growth rate is the highest in the world. The situation shows that there are huge business opportunities in China's label market. In 2009, the global label printing output reached 43 billion square meters, and it is predicted that it will reach 45-46 billion square meters in 2010. By 2010, the consumption of Asian label printing market will account for 37% of the total consumption of global label printing market.
(1) Development trend of various label markets
In many label applications such as pressure-sensitive label, shrink sleeve label, wound film label, in film label and stacked label, the market share of pressure-sensitive label is the largest, while shrink sleeve label and wound film label grow fastest.
The sleeve label produced by label processing industry has got the fastest growth, so has the wound film label.
(2) UV flexographic printing is a new force, and the growth of digital label printing products will also grow rapidly.
In 2007, traditional flexographic printers accounted for 92%. At present, UV flexographic printing is growing rapidly, and the application of stamping technology is also developing rapidly.
(3) There are more and more demands for environmental protection and sustainable development
Low carbon, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and green printing have become one of the primary tasks of the current industry development. In the world, green printing system is generally established by means of legislation and certification of environmental behavior of enterprises.
Current international environmental certification systems include:
ISO 14000 (environmental certification system)
EN 13432 (test and certification of environmental protection plastic packaging bag)
SFI (US Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
FSC (Forest Management Committee)
PEFC (the world's largest forest certification system)
L.i.f.e (TLMI environmental certification system)
Leeds (environmental design, energy saving certification)
Carbon footprint, etc
In order to improve the green environmental protection level of the printing industry, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of press and publication signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing on September 14, 2010, and are formulating green printing standards and issuing relevant laws and regulations.

Development trend of global label printing market

Development trend of global label printing market

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